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I am still selling all of my earthly belongings and trying to sell with my etsy shop. If you could take a look and see if there is anything you are interested in I would very much appreciate it. If not, if you know anyone, can share this I would be grateful. I need to come up with at least $75…

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“Repeat Rape: How do they get away with it?”, Part 1 of 2. (link to Part 2)


  1. College Men: Repeat Rape and Multiple Offending Among Undetected Rapists,Lisak and Miller, 2002 [PDF, 12 pages]
  2. Navy Men: Lisak and Miller’s results were essentially duplicated in an even larger study (2,925 men): Reports of Rape Reperpetration by Newly Enlisted Male Navy Personnel, McWhorter, 2009 [PDF, 16 pages]

By dark-side-of-the-room, who writes:

These infogifs are provided RIGHTS-FREE for noncommercial purposes. Repost them anywhere. In fact, repost them EVERYWHERE. No need to credit. Link to the L&M study if possible.

Knowledge is a seed; sow it.

Reblogging because I mentioned this study in a post the other day and someone reblogged & replied insinuating that I’d made it up, but I didn’t have the citation on hand right then. As I said then: rape culture is what teaches rapists that they aren’t rapists.

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Sailor Moon Boycott


As many of you have heard, Viz Media has licensed all forms of the Sailor Moon anime for North America. They have also announced that they will create a new English dub of the old anime as well as the new Sailor Moon Crystal.

I promised that I would leave the fandom if this happened and I will….


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this is one of the things that makes me laugh/rage so much about the victim blaming lectures about womens clothing. You know how rape apologists say shit like “well it’s like waving a steak in front of a hungry dog. what did you expect???” .

What do I expect? i expect him not to take shit until he’s given permission. 

let that sink in


you are literally more uncivilized and controlled by your urges than my fucking dog

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